Project Description

The course offers students knowledge and experience in team-based, requirements elicitation, design and implementation, as well as documentation and presentation of an Android App.

Upon completion of the course, successful students should be better able to:

(a) Elicit and document the requirements of a customer

(b) Generate a product specification in the product backlog/story format.

(c) Design and code a sensor enabled Android App, using the scrum design methodology.

(d) Design and formulate software test cases using black box testing

(e) Participate in a self organizing, self critiquing, small engineering team

(f) Identify and describe potential ethical issues with the app the team is designing.

(g) Develop features and properties in the app to address the ethical issues identified.

(h) Describe and explain the team’s design and test plan in writing.

(i) Describe and explain the team’s app, its target customers in an oral presentation.